the history of cut-n-care

By Marcel J. Charette, Jr., Founder

I was once told you cannot make a living mowing lawns. Well, I guess that type of skepticism provided all the motivation I needed.

In 1982, armed with a new F-150 pickup plow truck, two new Lawn Boy 21-inch mowers and some support equipment, "Charette's Cut-n-Care" was born. Back then, I would never have imagined that I would someday be writing a history of Cut-n-Care for a web page on something called the "Internet." But here we are!

That first year was a big success—I started the season with 15 customers and finished with 26 and one commercial account. All the lawns were bagged and the clippings removed. That winter I plowed snow as a subcontractor and survived to start year two with a brand new 52-inch Bunton self-propelled walk-behind mower. Business really took off that year and I realized that mowing lawns had become a way to "make a living."

So at the beginning of the 1984 season I hired a young high school student named Robert Bauriedl to help me out. Little did I know that this big, eager kid would, after many years of faithful and dedicated service, become the true partner that Cut-n-Care needed.

The 1980's saw a lot of relationships develop inside Cut-n-Care. By surrounding myself with a core of hard-working, motivated individuals, a family was formed. Some companies strive for teamwork; Cut-n-Care was able to achieve that and more by making customer satisfaction our highest goal. Employees have always been the key ingredient in providing our services—professionalism and courtesies are stressed day in and day out, and are the main components of the system we have developed over the years.

Moving into the 1990's, we were still growing. In 1991, Cut-n-Care landed the marquee commercial account that all portfolios need. Together with Etkin and Company, Cut-n-Care began to venture into new areas of the maintenance business. A fertilization division was added in 1992. By now the first 10 years had elapsed and it was evident that our core group of employees was still hungry—and no one was hungrier than Bob Bauriedl! His strong desire and friendly manner gave him two of the qualities that make success in business a natural for him. In 1996, "Big Bob" became my partner, and he opened our landscape division shortly thereafter, taking Cut-n-Care beyond any vision that I had for it in the beginning.

We have learned from all of our experiences over the years, and now we continue to look forward. Like so many families, the rewards come in many different ways. When I look back at Cut-n-Care's history I am humbled by the longevity and loyalty of our long-time customers, and confident that our new customers will experience the same quality and service that have been the keys to our success.